Dog-lovers wedding? Get married on the Danish West Coast


As a photographer on the Danish west coast, I have had the pleasure of capturing special moments for many couples on their wedding day. One aspect of my photography that sets me apart is my experience with photographing weddings that include animals, specifically dogs.

I have had the opportunity to photograph small dogs, large dogs, dogs as ringbearers, dog groups, and even a wedding with a cat and a dog. I understand that for many dog owners, their furry companions are a big part of their lives and they want to include them in their wedding day.

I love dogs and find it incredibly rewarding to give dog owners the opportunity to include their special companions in their wedding photos. Not only do the animals add a unique and personal touch to the photos, but they also bring a sense of joy and playfulness to the day.

I take great care in making sure that the animals are comfortable and at ease during the photoshoot. I work closely with the couple and their pets to create natural and candid shots that truly capture the love and bond between them.

If you are a dog owner and are planning your wedding, I would be honored to capture the special moments between you and your furry friend. Contact me to discuss how I can help make your wedding day even more special with the inclusion of your beloved dog.