What Clothes to Wear to a Photoshoot


Many clients ask me for advice about what they should wear during photoshoots. Of course, my answer is always – “wear whatever you love to wear and feel comfortable in!”. However, having said this, I offer them insight into the colour scheme they should choose and the different types of clothing they can flaunt during photoshoots.

I cater to different photography shoots – from weddings to elopements to family get-togethers and events. Today, I’ll share with you some tips you can consider irrespective of the type of a photoshoot you want from me.


Outfits are an integral part of any photo shoot – especially if you’re coming down to the Danish Westcoast for the photoshoot. The light here is bluer, which results in stunning photos – provided you wear colours that complement the light! Earthy and cooler colours (blue!) look resplendent in this lighting setup. You might want to steer clear of warmer colours.

For larger group photoshoots, it’s best to stick to three colours – this ensures everyone is in sync and the overall look is pleasant and easy on the eyes. Try (as much as you can) to avoid having one member wear something out of the box – like a flashy red dress or one with bold prints.

Type of Clothes

Instead of matching outfits, you can always look for colour-coordinated ones. But, of course, if that’s the look you plan to create, you can go for matching clothes. For example, the groom and his father often wear the same suit at weddings, and it’s completely fine!

Likewise, wearing similar clothes brings your photographs a ‘chaotically organised’ look. Wear similar clothing, but not the same – for example, if someone wears a white blouse, another person can choose a white dress shirt. If someone opts for denim shorts, another member can opt for skinny jeans! This way, we create a harmonious look in the photographs.


You can wear footwear that compliments your outfits – shoes, heels, flats, or anything else. The only advice for my clients is to carry an extra pair of comfortable shoes too. We walk a lot between shoot locations; hence a pair of comfy shoes are welcome! Beach photographs would require you to walk barefoot, so be prepared!

Summing Up

As a photographer, I love capturing people in their element and bringing great photos. Colour-coordinated outfits only add to the beauty of the photographs! If you’re confused about colours, you can always check out the colour wheel, as it will help you understand which colours are grouped and can complement each other. If you still have any doubts or queries, you can always reach out to me! I’d love to help you pick the right shades of outfits for your next photoshoot.